Thursday, August 8, 2013

This one goes out to all the SEO spammers

I apologize to anyone who sent me a legitimate email at my official website email address, as I completely forgot to check it for several months. My email is there for people to contact me about articles I write, to provide article suggestions, or to alert me to promotions. It is not there for people to inundate me with proposals for SEO, website design and the like. So, to all you spammers who have sent me emails (which I only just saw) I do not need SEO strategy and results or website design or development or photo retouching (I'm a photographer) or 1st page Google ranking (maybe one day I'll get there on my own), or any of the myriad other proposals or whatnot I have received. Thanks, but no thanks. I'm still a little confused about the whale watching dude. 

End of rant. 

New post coming tomorrow.