Thursday, March 8, 2012

My top five things to do in San Francisco

The BF and I went to a local Yelp Elite event last night and spent a delightful evening conversing with another couple. Inspired by our conversations, I've put together my Top 5 Things I recommend doing in San Francisco.   Now, since I haven't done everything in San Francisco, nor even everything I want to do or see, this is a work in progress. As of today, however, these are the five things I suggest you do (not in any particular order):

1. Coit Tower - Rising above Telegraph Hill, Coit Tower gives you a spectacular view of the city and surrounding areas. Take the elevator to the observation deck for 360 degree views of beautiful San Francisco. In addition to the view, the tower itself houses some 1930's era public works frescoes that are worth viewing.
Coit Tower
View from Coit Tower
 2.  Marin Headlands - Across the Golden Gate Bridge lie the Marin Headlands, a wild and wonderful landscape that seems much further away from the hustle and bustle of San Francisco than they short distance it actually is. The best part is the view of San Francisco and the new perspective you get high above the Golden Gate Bridge.

The Marin Headlands from the San Francisco side of the Bay.
View from Marin Headlands
 3. Golden Gate Park - So much more than just a park, Golden Gate Park is a destination chock full of things to see and do, from the Conservatory of Flowers to the California Academy of Sciences, there is something for everyone in Golden Gate Park. 
One of two windmills located on the western edge of Golden Gate Park.
A pagoda in Golden Gate Park's Japanese Tea Garden
The Conservatory of the Flowers
Inside the dome of the Conservatory of the Flowers
The deYoung Museum in Golden Gate Park
 4. Sausalito -So what if Sausalito is across the Bay fro San Francisco, it makes my list of musts when in the City. Sausalito is a cute little town nestled along the coast, with its hillside homes and unique boutiques and restaurants, Sausalito is a quiet break from the larger city on the other side of the Bay. Sausalito is easily reached by car across the Golden Gate Bridge or via the ferry.
Homes in Sausalito are perched on the hillside
Sausalito has many shops and restaurants along the waterfront.
 5. San Francisco Waterfront - This encompasses many activities from the cheesy tourist kind to some unique sights and sounds, along with a variety of dining options. Encompassed in the San Francisco waterfront area are Pier 39, Fisherman's Wharf, Musee Mecanique, the Ferry Building, and the San Francisco Maritime National Historic Park and many other places. Of course, since San Francisco sits on a peninsula, there's a lot of waterfront to explore. These are just some of the highlights (touristy or not.)
Fisherman's Wharf is bustling with tourists no  matter what time of year.
One of the restaurants at Fisherman's Wharf

Hyde Street Pier is where you'll find the historic maritime park

You can catch the famous cable cars at the Hyde Street turn around
Pier 39 from the water
Tourists aren't the only ones hanging out at Pier 39
You can catch a boat to visit Alcatraz at the Ferry Building

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