Friday, April 2, 2010

Marine Protected Areas

San Diego Bay is home to California's only seahorse species, the Pacific Seahorse. You can take action and help protect the seahorse, as well as other aquatic life in Southern California's waters, by asking the Fish and Game Commission to create a new Marine Protected Areas.

Marine Protected Areas are designed to preserve important undersea habitats, similar to a state or national park designation for land. Creating these safety zones for marine life will aid in their recovery from the depredations of humans. The benefits of Marine Protected Areas are more abundant fish, plants and other marine life, which aids the rest of the open ocean.

The Fish and Game Commission will be meeting in Monterey on April 7, so please take action by signing the Monterey Bay Aquarium's letter to the Commission's president. Help make sure that the current proposal, known as the Integrated Preferred Alternative, is not weakened at the upcoming meeting.