Sunday, March 14, 2010

"Big Sur: Wild California," National Geographic Channel

Big Sur, a display of majestic beauty rising abruptly from the crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean to the peaks of the Santa Lucia Mountains is an amazing place. From tidal pools teaming with life to the rugged peaks and valleys of the mountains covered by coastal redwoods and coastal fog, diverse flora and fauna make their homes in this region.
I just got finished watching "Big Sur: Wild California" on the National Geographic Channel. It showcased the natural beauty of the Central Coast and was especially gorgeous in HD. The program followed the denizens of land and sea, especially focusing on the California Sea Otter and the California Condor. I especially love that it showed the otters, including an otter pup and his mother. The program also showed the dangers inherent in nature and those especially unique to this coastal region. If you get the opportunity to watch this program, I highly recommend it. However, be warned that it is not all cute animals and gorgeous landscapes, as it shows the cruelty of nature and the cycle of life.
Highway 1 snakes along the coast between the Pacific and the mountains, bringing visitors from near and far to partake of the breathtaking landscape. If you get the opportunity to visit this region, you won't be sorry. Whether you are into outdoor activities or just sightseeing, there is plenty for all to see and do. Big Sur is home to nine state parks including Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park and Point Lobos State Reserve. The National Geographic Channel program is just a small glimpse of what this region has to offer.