Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Secret Lives of Sea Horses

A leafy sea dragon
(Credit: Monterey Bay Aquarium)

On April 6, the Monterey Bay Aquarium has opened a new special exhibit, The Secret Lives of Seahorses. The exhibit features more than 15 species of seahorses and related creatures; it is one of the nation’s largest collections of such animals.

I look forward to getting to see this special exhibit on a future visit to Monterey. Seahorses are some of the oddest looking animals in the sea, especially the sea dragons. Pictured above is the leafy sea dragon, which is one of my favorites because they are especially bizarre and interesting looking.

I am sure the seahorse exhibit is very well done, based on my experience of the exhibits at the aquarium. This replaces the exhibit that closed last year, the Jellies: Living Art exhibit (available online.) The jellies exhibit was one of the best exhibits of its kind, with an extensive array of jellies from around the world.