Monday, September 29, 2008

The Pez Museum - Burlingame

Prior to my first visit to the Bay Area, I had seen The Pez Museum on the Roadside America website. Roadside America is touted as your "online guide to offbeat tourist attractions" or, as I immediately discovered...places I must go.

The Pez Museum in Burlingame was one of the places I HAD to go on my first trip to San Francisco. In fact, it was my first stop after the airport. Not only because I really wanted to see this place, but also because it made logistical sense as the museum is just a few miles away from SFO (the museum is located at 214 California Drive in Burlingame.)

The museum is small, but worth the visit, especially if you are a fan of kitsch. Besides the vast collection of Pez dispensers (virtually every Pez dispenser ever made)--and now including the world's largest Pez dispenser--the museum also boasts a collection of classic toys that includes the likes of Mr. Potato Head, Lincoln Logs, and Wooly Willy. At the Pez Museum, you learn a little about the history of Pez and discover that the name was derived from the German word for peppermint, pfefferminz, as well as that Pez originated in Austria over 80 years ago. The museum consists of the storefront museum shop and the museum itself, a one room exhibit crammed full of Pez dispensers and other memorabilia. You won't spend a lot of time at the Pez Museum, but it's a definite must of things to see in the Bay Area.

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